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4 tips for co-regulating as parents

4 tips for co-regulating as parents

Co-regulation as parents

We've partnered with parenting specialist @raising.thefuture to bring you four essential tips on co-regulating as parents.

But first, what’s co-regulation?

Co-regulation is when a parent or caregiver helps settle a child's nervous system when they are upset. This means providing support, love, and connection when a child is not regulated. It also means modeling regulation skills so that your child learns what to do to regulate their own emotions.
Step 1: Sit down
Sit on the floor next to or near the child. Being on their level shows them that you are on their team and do not intend to intimidate them by standing over them.
Step 2: Open body language
Open your chest and your palms. Not only does this show your child that you are open to connection and affection, but it also helps you relax.
Step 3: Breathe
Literally, sit there and take deep/slow breaths. Not only does this help calm you down, but it helps you to calm down your child.
Step 4: Validate and affirm
Verbally acknowledge their reaction. For example, it’s okay to feel angry. We all feel angry sometimes. I love you and we will get through this feeling together.
I am on your team.
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