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LittleOak's tips for living palm oil free

LittleOak's tips for living palm oil free

Used in half of all supermarket products, palm oil is the most commonly produced and widely consumed vegetable oil on the planet. Day after day, bio-diverse rainforests are bulldozed to make room for these large, mono-culture plantations, destroying the ecosystems of some of our most endangered species. In fact, palm oil plantations now cover an area the size of New Zealand. 

At LittleOak, we are committed to crafting products that care equally for little ones and the world they will inherit, which is why we are so proud to be the world's first certified 100% palm oil free formula brand. We have never used palm oil, and we never will. That you can be sure of. 

Doing what you can to limit your consumption of palm oil makes a big difference. After all, lots of small changes can make a big impact. While it might be impossible to live totally palm oil free, there’s certainly ways you can cut down on it. This Earth Month, check out our tips for living palm oil free: 

  1. Make a habit of reading the labels and watch out for common culprits. Think sliced bread, biscuits, potato chips...all that highly processed stuff. 
  2. Have a keen eye. Much of the palm oil we consumer appears as “derivative” of the oil itself. Look out for “palm,” “steer,” “laur,” and “glyc.” These words form the building blocks of many fatty acid compounds that are often made from palm oil. If you want the full list of palm oil derivatives, visit this link from The Ethical Consumer. 
  3. Aim to prepare home-cooked meals filled with nutritious whole foods. Cooking with fresh ingredients can help you avoid hidden palm oil in processed foods. Check out our recipes if you need some ideas. 
  4. Contact companies. Palm oil isn’t always labelled in non-food items – so ask! 
  5. Support brands that are certified 100% palm oil free. No longer will you need to scour ingredient labels – instead look out for palm oil free products. 

You don’t have to be perfect, but small changes go a long way. Please comment below if you have more insights – we're always looking for more ways to reduce our impact on Mother Earth. 


LittleOak has been nourishing children for many years and feeds millions of infants, babies and children across the globe each and every day, in countries such as Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. In the US, we're proud to have our FDA compliant Toddler Milk available for families. 

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