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HoneyKids Tries: Is the LittleOak Natural Goat Toddler Milk worthy of all the hype?

HoneyKids Tries: Is the LittleOak Natural Goat Toddler Milk worthy of all the hype?

LittleOak’s Natural Goat Toddler Milk has reached our shores. We’ve heard great things about it from parents in Australia and New Zealand. So our HoneyKids mum gave it a try, and here’s what she thinks…

Some of you may have heard of the hype around LittleOak’s Natural Goat Toddler Milk. It’s said to be a staple among parents in Australia and New Zealand, with somewhat of a cult following.

Now that LittleOak is available in Singapore, we decided to check it out and see what it is that makes this range of goat milk products so popular. Our HoneyKids mum Mas and her two daughters – six year-old Arissa and four year-old Aniqa – recently tried out LittleOak’s Toddler Milk, read on for their review!

Goat milk has always been a preferred choice for this HoneyKids mum

Mas chose to go with a goat milk formula when she had to start supplementing her daughters’ feedings. “I’ve read that goat milk is easier to digest, that it’s better for the little one’s digestive system and bowel movement,” she explained.

This is true as goat milk contains lower levels of lactose than cow milk. It also naturally contains the A2 protein. Both the low lactose level and A2 protein are known to be gentle on children’s tummies.

First impression of LittleOak Natural Goat Toddler Milk

Despite not having tried it before, LittleOak is no stranger to Mas. She told us, “I’ve read reviews about it. People have mentioned that LittleOak helps with kids’ tummy issues. This was what caught my attention as I’m very concerned about issues like gas, reflux, and constipation for my daughters.”

Mas also noticed that LittleOak uses whole milk, unlike other goat milk brands in the market. Aware of how nutrient-rich it is, she’s very keen on letting her girls try out LittleOak’s toddler milk. “Whole milk is such a good source of protein and nutrients! It’s exactly what the little ones need for proper growth, as it helps with better vitamin absorption and brain development,” she chimed.

On top of sourcing goat milk directly from its New Zealand farms, it’s also worth noting that LittleOak’s milk is only heated once. This is half the conventional heating process that goes into making other brands. The reason for this? Halving the heating process allows LittleOak’s milk to preserve the natural goodness found in goat milk, which may otherwise be reduced in the conventional process. It’s like the cold-pressed juice of formula!

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