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LittleOak’s Power of Mum report

LittleOak’s Power of Mum report

While our purpose at LittleOak is to nourish little ones around the world with the most natural, wholesome nutrition, we aim to be so much more than just an infant nutrition brand. We want to make a meaningful difference for parents of today and tomorrow. As a little company founded and run by a passionate mum, we aim to be every parent's faithful friend and advocate.

Being a mum is perhaps the hardest job in the world, but we think it's the most important. And while we’ve seen some great improvements in gender equality over the years, there is still much work to be done. From the motherhood penalty and the superannuation pay gap to the gendered childcare paradigm and women’s mental load, present systems continue to bar women from their full potential. We believe that mothers are the foundation of our society, possessing boundless potential.

This report is for you, your children and the future generation of parents. It’s about creating a world where every parent feels supported and empowered to pursue their aspirations while caring for their little ones. Please join us: we’re stepping into the dialogue, then striding into the movement. This is the Power of Mum.

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