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We don’t mess with nature, because nature got it right.

Our goal is to create a baby formula that closely emulates its natural source.

We dedicate ourselves to working in harmony with nature, utilizing sustainable farming methods and upholding the highest welfare standards.

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Grass feed

Recognising the vital significance of a high-quality natural diet for the well-being and happiness of our animals, we ensure that our goats flourish on a nourishing blend of locally grown grass and naturally occurring pasture plants like clover, lucerne, and other native varieties.

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Nururing our goat's

Our dedicated farmers wholeheartedly prioritise the health and happiness of our tribe, firmly believing that contented and thriving goats yield the finest quality milk. Blessed with mild year-round temperatures, our goats enjoy a lifestyle encompassing open grazing fields or spacious barns with open sides, ensuring ample fresh air and natural light. Additionally, we provide abundant space for all our goats and ensure they have access to shelter during inclement weather conditions.